‘Laconia Mayors Symposium’

7 p.m., Tues., Feb. 20, 2018

at Laconia Public Library


LACONIA — Six Laconia mayors from the 1960s to the present will participate in a “Laconia Mayors Symposium” at the Laconia Public Library on Tuesday, Feb. 20, at 7 p.m. The event will be held in Rotary Hall on the lower level of the Library, under the auspices of the Laconia Historical and Museum Society.

These mayors have served the city in a tradition begun with Charles Busiel and the Laconia City Charter of 1893. Although Laconia eventually chose a city manager form of government, the mayor has continued to influence many of the inner workings of the municipality.

Among the mayors expected to be present are Rod Dyer, Karl Reitz, Paul Fitzgerald, Michael Seymour, Matt Leahy, and Ed Engler. Each participant will be given an opportunity to review his years in office while focusing on accomplishments and some personal hopes for the City. A Q&A will be held following the discussion. The event is expected to last just over an hour.

The program is free and open to the public. Refreshments will be served.

For further information, contact LHMS at 527-1278, lhmslpl@metrocast.net or go to www.laconiahistory.org.


The Book is now here!

Pick up your copy at The Laconia Daily Sun, Union Avenue, opposite Dairy Queen.


If you didn’t pre-order,

the cost is $44.95

            ‘Celebrate Laconia: 125 Years of the Lake City’

‘Celebrate Laconia: 125 Years of the Lake City’New book, by Warren D. Huse,  issued by The Laconia Daily Sun and Pediment Publishing Co.

For mail ordering information, go to Laconia125.PictorialBook.com 


160 pages, hardbound, full-color cover

Foreword by Mayor Edward J. Engler

Written and photographs selected by Warren D. Huse, compiler of the History Pages, “Our yesterdays” column and the “Then and Now” feature for The Citizen and The Laconia Daily Sun, for the past 27 years.
Despite the title, which commemorates 125 years of Laconia as a city in 2018, there is coverage of the preceding 127 years of settlement — making more than 250 years in scope, together with mention of the Native American presence going back 10,000 years.

270 photos or other images and approximately 34 page-equivalents of text in 7 chapters. Text, highlighting significant events in the town and city’s history, is based on more than 50 years’ worth of “Our yesterdays” columns and 100 linear feet of back-up material in the Laconia Historical and Museum Society’s files. Separate chapters included for Weirs Beach and Lakeport.

Photos furnished by residents and former residents, as well as drawn from the collections of the Laconia Public LIbrary and Laconia Historical and Museum Society.

4 specially-prepared maps, showing stages of growth of both town and city.

Several historic aerial photographs, showing various parts of the city.

Reproductions of the town and city seals and the 1993 “Together for Tomorrow” Logo.

Most of the photographs have not appeared previously in other books, although they may have been published in connection with the History Pages in The Citizen or The Laconia Daily Sun.

Among Highlights:
Great Fire of 1860
Urban Renewal program of the late 1960s-early 1970s
Downtown Revitalization Program, late 1980s
Launching of Mount Washington II

The beach at Weirs Beach

Generously sponsored by:

Bank of New Hampshire
Melcher & Prescott Insurance
Cantin Chevrolet
Laconia Monument Co.
The Naswa Resort
Sanborn’s Auto Repair
Weirs Beach Drive-In Theater
Wescott Law P.A.

For mail ordering information, go to Laconia125.PictorialBook.com 

Or you may pick up copies at the offices of the Laconia Daily Sun, M-F, 9 a.m.-5 p.m., 1127 Union Avenue, Laconia.

NOTE: Corrections to the book may be found on the “News” page of this website (go to http://www.laconiahistory.org/news/).


 2017-2018 Annual Appeal

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Celebrate Laconia Winter exhibit now on display’

An exhibit entitled Celebrate Laconia Winter opened, Dec. 20, on the Upper Gallery Level of the Laconia Public Library.
The exhibit tells the story of people and events upon this land, originally settled as Meredith and Gilmanton in Strafford County.
Pictures, souvenirs and representations will take the viewer back to 19th century winter days as well as numerous very cold sporting competitions.
Pat Tierney, executive director of the society, notes that, “Most residents of Laconia have spent some time enjoying winter in this city. Many are unaware of these many stories and events of another day.”
“Perhaps no one property in Laconia has escaped the wrath of snow, yet thousands of people have been entertained here enjoying any number of outdoor recreational experiences.”
Join us at Celebrate Laconia Winter through March.