Joint Meeting of Laconia and Gilford Historical Societies, Oct. 16, 2017

What was Middle and High School like for Gilford and Laconia students for those graduating in 1952? Or should I say, for those graduating from Junior High and Senior High in 1952? Come to the joint meeting of the Laconia and Gilford Historical Societies om Monday, October 16th, at the Laconia Fire Station’s conference room at 7 p.m. Parking is available across the street at the Opechee Park.

The class of 1952 will be presenting this program describing what school was like 65 years ago; a living history presentation that will be both educational and humorous as told by former students from Gilford and Laconia who still live in the area. For the young, learn what school was like 65 years ago and compare it with your school days. For the children of those students, learn about your parents teenage school years, were they serious students’, did they have fun, or get into “mischief”? For those interested in the history of education, come and compare their memories with your memories of your high school days. The class of 1952 holds annual reunions where they delight in sharing memories of their school days and they will be sharing their memories with the audience.

The program is free and all are invited. Come, ask questions, and share the refreshments.

‘Opechee Park’ exhibit now on display’

An exhibit on the “History of Opechee Park” opened, Sept. 26, on the Upper Gallery Level of the Laconia Public Library.
The exhibit tells the story of people and events upon this land, originally settled as Meredith in Strafford County.
Pictures, souvenirs and representations will take the viewer back to the Fairgrounds days as well as numerous sporting competitions.
Pat Tierney, executive director of the society, notes that, “Most residents of Laconia have spent some time at this inner city park, although many were unaware of capacity turnouts at the old grandstand, the trotting track, as well as wonderful carnivals of another day.
“Perhaps no one property in Laconia has regularly entertained thousands of people for any number of outdoor recreational experiences.
“Cars were often parked from the beach extending away as far as the eye could see.
“Recently uncovered 19th century photographs showing primitive balloon rides from that location will also be featured.”

  ‘Celebrate Laconia: 125 Years of the Lake City’

New book, by Warren D. Huse, to be available in December 2017, issued by The Laconia Daily Sun and Pediment Publishing Co.

For ordering information, go to 


160 pages, hardbound, full-color cover
Foreword by Mayor Edward J. Engler
Written and photographs selected by Warren D. Huse, compiler of the History Pages, “Our yesterdays” column and the “Then and Now” feature for The Citizen and The Laconia Daily Sun, for the past 27 years.

Despite the title, which commemorates 125 years of Laconia as a city in 2018, there is coverage of the preceding 127 years of settlement — making more than 250 years in scope, together with mention of the Native American presence going back 10,000 years.

270 photos or other images and approximately 34 page-equivalents of text in 7 chapters. Text, highlighting significant events in the town and city’s history, is based on more than 50 years’ worth of “Our yesterdays” columns and 100 linear feet of back-up material in the Laconia Historical and Museum Society’s files. Separate chapters included for Weirs Beach and Lakeport.
Photos furnished by residents and former residents, as well as drawn from the collections of the Laconia Public LIbrary and Laconia Historical and Museum Society.

4 specially-prepared maps, showing stages of growth of both town and city.
Several historic aerial photographs, showing various parts of the city.
Reproductions of the town and city seals and the 1993 “Together for Tomorrow” Logo.

Most of the photographs have not appeared previously in other books, although they may have been published in connection with the History Pages in The Citizen or The Laconia Daily Sun.

Among Highlights:

Great Fire of 1860
Urban Renewal program of the late 1960s-early 1970s
Downtown Revitalization Program, late 1980s
Launching of Mount Washington II
The beach at Weirs Beach

Generously sponsored by:

Bank of New Hampshire
Melcher & Prescott Insurance
Cantin Chevrolet
Laconia Monument Co.
The Naswa Resort
Sanborn’s Auto Repair
Weirs Beach Drive-In Theater
Wescott Law P.A.


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Missing issues of 2007 Laconia Daily Sun sought


The microfilm files of The Laconia Daily Sun for February, March and April 2007 are missing — apparently never microfilmed, 10 years ago. Anyone with ANY copies of issues during that period is requested to contact LHMS or the Laconia Public Library. If a complete or nearly complete run of these dates can be assembled and placed on microfilm, the files can be made complete. (Note: the missing issues are also missing at the State Library and at the microfilm company.)


Looking for ‘Warner’ stove manual

A request has been received from someone in New Zealand who is looking for a manual for a stove sold by Warner Stove Works in Laconia. He said the company was located on New Salem Street in the late ’70s/early ’80s.  The model number is W-130-3B. If anyone has such a manual, or further information, contact Deann at the Laconia Public Library (603-524-4775, ext. 11 or

New feature

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Request for blueprints

We have received a request for the original blueprints of the three buildings currently occupied by HealthLink on Main Street, Laconia — the former 1887-1888 City Savings/Laconia National Bank Building, the City Savings Bank Additions of 1957-1958 and the three-story addition fronting on the parking lot, built during Urban Renewal around 1969-1970. Anyone with information pertaining to these blueprints is requested to contact the Laconia Historical and Museum Society.

Become part of a lasting legacy through estate planning

Planning for your own future and that of your heirs, and for the future of the Laconia Historical and Museum Society are part of charitable estate planning. Just as LHMS preserves Laconia’s past for the benefit of future generations, YOU can help both your own and the society’s future well-being through planned giving.

When you remember the Laconia Historical and Museum Society through planned giving, you can save on gift and estate taxes, income and capital gains taxes.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, LHMS depends upon the goodwill of members and friends to help sustain its programs.

Private philanthropy has brought us this far — and we have accomplished much in the 35 years since Winnie Hackett, Gilbert Center, George Bingham, Stan Kidder, Gwen and Rolland Gove and others restored and reinvigorated the Laconia Historical Society in 1981, along with Bob Dearborn and the group who founded the Laconia Museum Society, as well as through the days during which Julie Upham, Esther Peters, Paul Normandin and others oversaw the merger of the two groups into today’s LHMS.

And, for the past 12 years, we have continued to expand our programs and contributions to the field, under the direction of several executive directors and in partnership with the Laconia Public Library. We have also acquired a historic building in which to store, conserve and safeguard our constantly-increasing collections.

Your support allows our programs and services to continue to be available to researchers and to the public. In addition to your annual membership dues, contributions in support of specific programs and contributions to the annual fund, please consider remembering LHMS in your estate planning when you consult with your attorney or financial advisor. Through planned giving, you can help LHMS continue to serve its mission of saving, preserving and sharing the rich history of Laconia, Lakeport and The Weirs.

History of the Colonial Theater

Visit Dean Dexter’s “Save the Colonial Theater” page

‘Made in Laconia’ Exhibit

Take a virtual tour of this exhibit, which was on display at the Laconia Public Library in 2013. Go to Archive and search under ‘Made in Laconia’ Exhibit.